Dry Soil Plants

We located 171 plants that match the attribute Dry Soil.

Acanthus mollis

Bears Breeches

Acanthus spinosus

Bears Breeches

Agastache foeniculum

Blue Giant Hyssop

Agastache rupestris

Threadleaf Giant Hyssop

Ajania pacifica

Gold & Silver Chrysanthemum

Asclepias tuberosa

Butterfly Milkweed

Aster cordifolius

Blue Wood Aster

Aster divaricatus

White Wood Aster

Aster lae. 'Bluebird'

Smooth Blue Aster

Aster macro. 'Twilight' NEW
Aster macro. 'Twilight'

Twilight Big Leaf Aster

Baptisia australis

Blue Wild Indigo

Baptisia sphaerocarpa

Yellow Wild Indigo

Boltonia ast. 'Pink Beauty'

Thousand -flowered Aster

Boltonia ast. 'Snowbank'

Thousand -flowered Aster

Boltonia asteroides

Thousand -flowered Aster

Bouteloua gracilis

Blue grama grass