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7838 Babikow Rd. Baltimore, Md 21237

   We are searching for order processors to join our team at the Greenhouses. We need ambitious and hardworking individuals who do not mind working in hot, cold or wet conditions and can work an entire shift on his or her feet. We prize speed and accuracy above all else, so we require an order processor who can pay careful attention on the job, follow instructions precisely and double-check his or her work before completing a task. To do well in this role you should be physically fit, reliable, and be a hard worker.


7838 Babikow Rd. Baltimore, Md 21237

About Babikow Wholesale Nursery

 Babikow Greenhouses is a wholesale nursery that grows a large variety of plants in containers, on fields, and in greenhouses. This includes annuals, perennials, bamboo, ferns, grasses, native plants, and pansies that we sell to retail garden centers and landscapers. 

Essential Functions

  • Travel around the nursery in teams, on foot or on a golf cart to retrieve plants
  • Prepare and complete orders for delivery or pickup
  • Select the best quality plants for shipments
  • Label plants for retail orders
  • Consolidate or space crops when necessary
  • Cut back crops
  • Weed crops
  • Working on a machine to fill pots with soil
  • Planting new crops

Necessary Job Skills

  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to lift heavy objects
  • Knowledge of plants is also helpful, but not required.
  • **All positions are seasonal unless otherwise noted.