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Babikow Greenhouses is a wholesale nursery growing Perennials, Annual Flowers, Spring & Fall Pansies, Hardy Ferns, Ornamental Grasses, Native Plants, Bamboo, and Ground covers. We supply landscapers and garden centers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states.


Farfugium 'Crispatum'

Crested Leopard Plant

Farfugium 'Giganteum'

Giant Leopard Plant

Fargesia 'Scabrida'

Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia nitida

Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia robusta

Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia rufa

Clumping Bamboo

Galium odoratum

Sweet Woodruff

Geranium can. 'Karmina'

Cambridge Geranium

Geranium san. 'Album'

Bloody Crane's Bill

Geranium san. 'Max Frei'

Bloody Crane's Bill

Geranium sanguineum

Bloody Crane's Bill

Gynura 'Purple Passion'

Purple Velvet Plant